Flower Spindle

Video sewing course + PDF downloadable pattern

Ce qu’il vous faut 

0m40 / 0m40 of fabric & 1 button



A flower of 15 cm/15 cm


Le truc à savoir

Sew a simple seam and a button

2,50 €


In early winter, choose the flower power! This colorful or wise flower spindle will bloom on each of your coats or jumpers.

Ideal for beginners, the video of the sewing classes will show you how to make it in a couple of minutes.



Fabric: This model can be made ​​in wool, lin or synthetic fur

What you need: 0m40 / 0m40 fabric and 1 button

Tips & things to know: You need to know make an simple seam and sew a button.

Time to complete: The realization of this model will only take the time to an afternoon.

Average cost of production: between 2 and 5 €

Our little tricks: 

Even easier to make thanks to the sewing video classes that shows you in few minutes how to make that model. Download that French Sewing classes for free with the pattern!

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